Top 7 Nail Transfer Foil for 2021

Top Nail Transfer FoilHaving a perfect manicure requires many efforts. From the materials and tools needed to the expertise it entails, a manicure is not just an entry to the salon, but it also takes time.

Although there are those manicures that can be done at home, some require professionals. They add color and texture to your nail design and give a perfect final result. However, the market is flooded with different types of nail products.

That is why in this article, we are going to discuss the best nail transfer foil that you can buy. Additionally, the discussion will also guide on how to use transfer foil on nails.

Foil for Nails: Top 7 Transfer Foil Nail Art of 2021

#1. Duufin 90 Colors Nail Foil Transfer

Duufin 90 Colors Nail Foil Transfer is a perfect type of foil that has 90 sheets of different kinds of patterns, thus giving you a choice of your taste.

Outstanding Features:

Safe and appealing: The nail files are suitable for any nails. They are also made of non-toxic formula, which makes them safe for your nails, making them safe to use. Also, they give charming nail art if well applied even at home.

Sparkling effect:  Everyone wants that shiny and sparkling look on their nails. Well, this brand available in different colors and patterns, giving you the best nail art look. The various patterns also allow you to choose what suits your mood or occasion.


  • Easy to use
  • Safe for all types of nails


  • Don’t easily stick to the layer

Final verdict: It is the best foil for nails.

#2. AIFAIFA Metallic Nail Foils Transfer

This product has nail glue and ten color nail foil metallic stickers.

Outstanding Features:

Beautiful Designs: The foil is gold, silver, and Rose gold designs, and they are all stunning. This means that you can alternate after every removal suiting any occasion.

Easy to use: AIFAIFA Metallic Nail Foils Transfer is easy to apply especially for beginners. One can also do some creativity. The package also has 40 colors of nail designs within every package.

Several nail arts: It is easy to do as many nail art designs as one would wish. It’s because the brand has a package of 10 designs of nail foil stickers. This gives you a variety of nail arts that you can create on your nails.


  • Easy to use
  • Has beautiful colors


  • The glue takes longer to dry

Final verdict: It gives your nails a stunning look for any season and among the best foils for nails.

#3. Warm fits 36 Packs Foil Nails Art

This is the perfect DIY nail foil for your nail manicure, and it has in different colors and sizes.

Outstanding features and benefits:

High Quality: These nail foils are soft and comfortable to rip and apply. They are also made of a non-toxic formula that makes them safe for both your skin and nails. They shine the best on sunlight and are also durable.

Wide usage: This package of nail foil serves several purposes, unlike other brands. They can give a beautiful accent either on poly gel, acrylic, or even gel polish. Besides, they can also be used to add a decorative touch to cards, bags, and paintings.


  • Has a variety of colors
  • Safe on nails and skin


Its adhesive is not strong

Final verdict: AIFAIFA Metallic Nail Foils Transfer is the best nail foil transfer gel.

#4. Valuu 50 Sheets Nail Art Foil Transfer

The foils come in 50 sheets with stickers designed in laser flower and leopard prints. It also has its adhesive and it’s perfect for starters.

Outstanding features:

Full package: This foil paper brand available in 50 assorted designs including retro, gold, silver, and leopard print. Also, each foil sheet has a perfect size that doesn’t need any cutting work.

Easy to use: This another feature that the foils boast. It is easy to use, and by pressing the foil on your nails, you get a perfect art design. It takes just a few seconds, and your nails are well designed and looking all good.

Safe and gentle: The transfer foil is safe for your nails. That’s because it is made up of a safe formula that doesn’t damage your nails or skin. Additionally, the transfer foils are easy to remove, and they maintain the condition of your nails.


  • High quality
  • They don’t fade
  • Complete package


  • Limited usage

Final verdict

Warm fits 36 Packs of Foil Nails Art is ideal for both beginners and professionals. It results in excellent transfer foil nail art

#5. Glitzy Transfer Nail Art Foil

The Glitzy Transfer Nail Art Foil is absolutely brand new and works well with nail foil transfer gel.

Outstanding features:

Twelve styles: Buying a product that gives you many choices of styles is fulfilling. It also gives you the worth of your money. Well, these foils are designed in 12 styles with each type making your nails spectacular.

Wide usage: Nothing beats the joy that has a product that can serve you in various ways. Well, these transfer foils can be used in house decoration, your cell phone, or even on bags giving them a stylish look.


  • Suitable for professionals and starters
  • affordable
  • High quality


  • Difficult in adhering to nails
  • Involves cutting work

Final verdict: They are easy to use; they boast of high quality and are ideal for all nail types.

#6. Duufin 200 Sheets Nail Art Foil Transfer

It is among the best nail transfer foils that have the lase flower design of a sticker. The adhesives are in starry sky stars and flower black white lace design.

They are equally suitable for starters and can be done at home, saving you the salon cost.

Outstanding Features:

Easy to use: They are easy to use. One needs to press the foils on your nails immediately after you have applied the glue. This does beautiful transfer foil nail art. Also, they are versatile and can be used on UV gels or regular polish.

Safe to use: These transfer foils are made of eco-friendly formulas, thus making them safe for your nails and skin. They also allow you to create any eye-catching arts in the comfort of your home.


  • Wide usage
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and ideal for nail types.


  • Poor foil glue

Final verdict: It also serves well with nail foil transfer gel

#7. Kalolary 20 Color Starry Sky Stars Nail Art Foil

These foils give you a holographic nail experience and they with nail glue. They are ideal for starters and salon use.

Outstanding features:

Easy to apply: These foils are easy to use, and one needs to press them on nails after applying the polish. They give your desired nail art within a few seconds. They are also versatile and ideal for both UV gel and regular polish.

Wide usage: one can use these foils either at home or the salon.


  • It is versatile
  • Easy to apply


  • Not ideal for hot weathers

Final verdict: It is perfect for both regular polish and gel polish.

Frequently Asked Questions of Foil For Nails

How do you use foils to transfer nails?

The process starts by applying your nail polish. Then immediately after application, you take the foil transfer adhesive and apply it to your nails.

Give the glue two minutes and then place the nail foil on it. Rub it gently on the nail then remove.

How do you use foil to transfer gel?

This is done by sticking the foil on your nails and then removing it immediately. You can use several foils to create the design you desire.

Can you use nail foil with regular nail polish?

The answer is yes. There are no limitations, and nail foils can be used with regular nail polish.

What is foil transfer gel?

It is a perfectly formulated gel that changes into a sticky layer that is used to transfer foil paper designs.

How do you use a foil nail transfer without glue?

It is done after applying the topcoat to your well-dried nail polish. You press the foil nail on the nails then remove them after rubbing gently.

How do you make your nails last longer in foils?

The best way to make your nails last long is by ensuring your nail polish is completely dry before sticking the foils.


Times have changed, and everyone wants something that is cost-efficient and time-saving. Beauty has also not been left out in the emerging changes.

Many nail products have hit the market. However, most people prefer some manicures that will fit in their budget as well as save their time. Besides, the results are also a factor to consider.

Nail transfer foils have come in handy in giving women the striking nail look they would wish to have. However, one has to know how to use transfer foil on nails.

This article has outlined everything you would want to know about nail foils and why you should consider purchasing them.

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