The 5 Best Nail Lamp For Shellac in 2021

The beauty industry has continued to evolve in the recent past. That’s because people have embraced the essence of looking good. No woman would trade their beauty for anything and would be willing to spend a fortune and remain fashionable.

Additionally, the modern woman has given much attention to her hands. All she wants is to have well-manicured nails every time faithfully. This has led to the introduction of more tools in the market.

These tools are meant to quicken the manicure process. Ever heard of LED lights? Well, these are devices used to cure different nail polishes. This article will discuss the best nail lamp for shellacs.

Top-rated 5 best nail lamp for shellac 2021

It will expound more on the features and benefits. I am sure this is the perfect read for you if you care about your nails.

1. BellaNails Professional LED Nail Lamp for Shellac

This nail lamp is ideal for gel polish. It has a four-time preset option that ensures your nails are well dried. It is a 120w lamp and has the perfect temperature for curing.

Outstanding features and benefits

Perfect curing –The Bella nails lamp is the ideal tool for all gel products. That’s because it cures the polish within seconds. Also, the lamp has a mirror-like reflective interior design that helps in the curing process.

The efficient bulbs-This lamp boasts highly efficient bulbs that don’t break or burn. They are 36 in number, and their quality saves you from buying extra bulbs.


  • Has a carrying handle
  • No need for extra bulbs
  • Efficient
  • Dries quickly and saves time


  • Exposes your skin to skin to damage
  • They are costly

Final verdict

The Bellanails lamps are the best nail lamp for Shellac

2. Cordless Gel Nail Lamp

The cordless lamp is rechargeable, and it is the perfect curing machine for all kinds of gel polishes. It boasts a high voltage of 64watts that transmits to a wavelength of 365nm+405nm. It is designed lightweight, making it portable.

Outstanding features and benefits

Cordless Design-Just like its name, this lamp doesn’t limit you in any way. You can use it in indoor or outdoor use. That’s because it has a battery that lasts up to three hours after charging. It also has a display that tells you the time and power left.

High curing speed-This device comes with 28 pcs of durable LED bulbs. The beads are not harmful to your skin, making the curing process a bit fast.


  • It is portable
  • Has an automatic sensor
  • Ideal for all gel nail polish


  • Limited to gel polish
  • The charging cable can be replaced

Final verdict

The Cordless LED lamp is efficient and can be used anywhere.

3. UV LED Nail Lamp

This nail lamp has 6LED beads and 6 watts. It is ideal for curing all types of gel. The device has bulbs that do not need to change because they are long-lasting.

Outstanding features and benefits

Safety-Unlike other LED lamps, this lamp is safe. That’s because it has a white light that doesn’t expose your skin to damage.

Portable-This tool is well designed, and its size can fit in your pocket. It is also light in weight, making it easy to tag along. Besides, this nail lamp has a USB port making it your best travel gadget.

The fast and comfortable-This tool makes your curing process comfortable. You don’t have to worry about the heat because it takes a few seconds, and your nails are done.


  • It is comfortable
  • It is portable
  • It is quick and quiet
  • It is durable


  • Has a small wavelength
  • Limited to gels

Final verdict

The UV LED nail lamp is the best affordable nail lamp and ideal for all types of gels.

4. SUNUV UV Nail Lamp – Best at-home gel nail lamp

This nail lamp is ideal for professional use and has a four-timer and a sensor. It cures all gel polishes giving your nails a stunning look.

Outstanding benefits and features

Safe and user friendly-The SUNUV nail lamp ensures you are protected from skin damage. That’s because its light is like daylight and therefore doesn’t harm your eyes. It will also not darken your skin color.

The fast drying-This lamp has high power, which quickens the curing process, thus saving your time. The heat ensures even and efficient curing.


  • It is comfortable
  • It is safe for your skin
  • It saves time


  • It is limited to gels
  • It is costly

Final verdict

The Sunuv lamp is easy to use and worth your money.

5. Nivlan Professional 72W Nail Lamp – Best affordable nail lamp

The Nivlan lamp has 72 watts and is ideal for gel polishes. It has an automatic sensor and a four-timer setting.

Outstanding features and benefits

All-round curing machine-This lamp is diverse in its purpose. It cures your nails evenly thanks to its closed design and its well-spread beads. Besides, it works well on all gel polishes giving a shiny result.

Unique curing technology-This lamp is uniquely structured with dual light buttons that make the drying process two times faster. Unlike other lamps, the curing time for this lamp is shortened by 60%.


  • User friendly and convenient
  • It is fast and efficient
  • Ideal for home and salon use


  • High heat levels
  • Not ideal for regular polishes

Final verdict

This nail lamp is the best professional nail lamp, and it is ideal for your salon.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Which LED Nail Lamp is Right for You?

Answer: The cordless gel nail lamp is right for you. That’s because it can be used both at home or salon. Besides, it is portable, and you can travel with it anywhere.

What wattage led nail lamp is best?

Answer: Any nail lamp with wattage above 36 watts is excellent. That’s because it efficiently dries your gel polish within a short time. Besides, they are also safe and do not darken your skin.

Are LED Nail Lamps Safe?

Answer: The extent of the safety of UV lamps is determined by the amount of heat it produces. However, most of them are safe both for your eyes and skin.

What is the difference between UV and LED nail lamps?

Answer: UV lamps can cure gel faster than LED lamps. That’s because they have a broader wavelength than UV lamps. Also, UV lamps cure all types of gels, while LED lights are limited to a few.

Can you use an LED lamp with regular nail polish?

Answer: Yes, but one condition. For an LED lamp to work for regular nail polish, one can only apply a gel coat on it.


Technology has made everything easy. The beauty industry has not been left out either. The introduction of tools and equipment has made it easy for one to look good.

Also, the cost of these tools is favorable. Having a quick manicure has been for a long time difficult but LED lamps have come in handy. That’s because they not only save time but also give quality results.

On the other hand, your client’s satisfaction is not to be compromised. That is why you need to have the right tools within your salon. This article has dramatically expounded on the best nail lamps for shellac. We hope it will help you make a well-informed decision before purchasing.

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