Best Holographic Glitter Nails in 2021 – Mind Blowing Looks

The way you look has a lot of impact on how people see you. That’s is why it is essential to be smart always and be outstanding. Fashion keeps on changing now and then.

This equally applies to manicure fashion. There has been a significant shift in the manicure sector, with many products hitting the market. Within this detailed article, we will look at the holographic glitter nails.

These are products that give your nails a shiny and eye-catching look.

Top-rated 7 Holographic Glitter Nails For 2021

The market has many types of holographic nail glitters and below are some of the best. You will understand their features and differences a make an informed decision before the purchase.

1. Warmfits Holographic Chunky Glitter

Nothing beats the feeling of confidence that comes with the warmest Holographic. This product comes in 12 colors and a total weight of 120g.

It is also available in different shapes, thus serving many people. The shapes are hexagon and star. Additionally, the nails have different sizes.

Outstanding features and benefits:

Colors- It feels good when you are given the choice of colors. The warm fits have 12 eye-catching colors. The colors are holographic green, red, gold, silver, black, tiffany, and purple.

The 11 boxes are mixed in 1mm & 2mm & 3mm.This combination perfects them for face, hair, and body make-up. The box with a 1mm size is suitable for nail art decoration.

Versatility-Everyone would like to have a product that fits all occasions. Well, warm fits are the perfect deal for weddings, church events, dinner dates, and all kinds of parties. This brand makes you headstand out when that glitter touch is added to your hair.

Its glittering effect makes it perfect for weddings and other glamour events. Additionally, drawing some arts with the glitters on both natural and artificial and natural nails is easy to get creative.


  • Many colors
  • They are light in weight
  • Environmental friendly
  • Recyclable and durable


  • Damageable package
  • Comes off easily

Final verdict

The warm-fits holographic chunky glitters boast versatility, and it is environmentally friendly.

2. Holographic Nail Art Sequins Glitter Kits

If you are a busy person, this is the ideal product because it is easy to use. It comes in 8 boxes and is the perfect glitter set for outstanding nail decoration. These glitters give your nails a metallic shining effect of silver.

Outstanding benefits and features:

A good quality-This product is worth your money because it has a high quality. It is made up of quality materials consisting of safe formulas. Additionally, it is easy to apply and ideal for home application giving spectacular results.

Pretty look-The Holographic Nail Art Sequins Glitter Kits gives you stunning and eye-catching results. It boasts a shining effect that makes you stand out in crowds. Also, when used for decoration, the glitters bring out perfect art.

Various colors-These glitters are available in many colors. It also comes with a nail art décor powder and round and sequin shapes. It is a perfect touch for fashion, making you beautiful.


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for beauty and decoration
  • Good quality


  • Poor packaging
  • Comes in small containers

Final verdict

These glitters have a high quality and are holographic nail glitter.

3. Glitter Wenida 12 Colors Holographic

These glitters give you quality assurance because they are safe to use and are environmentally friendly. They come in 12 colors and are the perfect deal for any festive event.

They are crafted in sequin shapes and give an excellent touch to your nails, body, and face.

Outstanding features and benefits:

Colorful-These glitters come in different colors, leaving you lost for choices. The 12 colors come in various shades, including silver, gold, coppery, purple, Azure Blue, and mars red. These colors can be mixed or used individually.

Convenient and easy to use-The glitters allow you to be creative in many arts. They are ideal for DIY since they are easy to use. They are not harmful and, therefore, can be applied directly to your skin. Their sparkling effects stay for long and can be easily removed with water.


  • High quality
  • Comes in any colors
  • It is shiny


  • Not suitable for lip gloss
  • Doesn’t have a variety of sizes

Final verdict

The Glitter Wenida 12 Colors Holographic is ideal for all occasions and gives you a shiny unique look.

4. 3D Holographic Butterfly Nail Glitter

The 5 Box 3D nail glitters are different from others because they come with the highest number of colors.

These glitters are available in 60 colors and are perfect for nail decoration and crafting. They also come in different shapes, including stars, fish, hearts, leaves, and sequins.

Outstanding features and benefits:

Quality material-These glitters are made of highly pigmented material and a holographic component that makes them glitter. Its shiny effect can be noticed from different corners.

It boasts durability and can’t break easily. Its ingredients make it safe for the skin, and it’s environmentally friendly.

Easy to use-The glitters are easy to apply to both natural and artificial nails. One doesn’t have to have professional skills to use them. That’s because it comes with instructions that outline its usage. It goes well with hair glitter and primer. Additionally, they are ideal for holographic glitter nail polish


  • Enough quantity
  • Made with quality material


  • Doesn’t last long on natural nails
  • It is not versatile

Final verdict

The 5 Box 3D nail glitters are easy to use and give a unique holographic effect.

5. Modelones Holographic Nail Sequins

The modelenes Nail sequins come in 12 different colors and iridescent and mermaid shapes. It also comes with a nail powder and a pair of tweezers. It is ideal for decorating your nail arts.

Outstanding benefits and features:

Widely usage-This glitters are economical because once you purchase them, you can use them widely. It is ideal for decorating gel polish, acrylic nails, and natural nails. They are suitable for DIY and salon use.

It can also be used on nails, face, body, and hair giving a glittery look. Additionally, they can decorate phones, houses, glasses, and any crafting.

High Quality-They is made with high-quality material and non-toxic formula, thus ensuring your nails and skin are safe. The materials are also environmentally friendly. They easily fit on smooth surfaces and are easy to apply. The glitters are perfect in bringing out a charming look.


  • They are versatile
  • Easy to use
  • High quality


  • Containers not fully filled
  • The containers are breakable

Final verdict

These glitters are easy to use and are ideal for both nails and surface decorations.

6. Nail Sequins Colorful Nail Art Glitter

The nail sequins give your nails a striking look blended with a shiny holographic effect. The set comes in different shapes, one piece of tweezer plus a nail brush.

Outstanding features and benefits:

Several colors and shapes-The glitters are available in 10 boxes containing fabulous nail sequins. The shapes include round, square, snowflake, horse eyes, and butterfly shapes. All these shapes satisfactorily meet your taste for decoration.

Easy to Use-They are easy to use, and one needs to first apply a base coat layer on the nail. After application, cure the nails with an LED light. Then apply colored nail polish and do not cure it. Apply the glitters on the polish and cure them. Finally, apply a top coat and repeat the curing process.


  • Easy to use
  • Used in many ways

It has many colors and shapes.


  • Not ideal for home use
  • Not suitable for lip gloss

Final verdict

The nail sequins are ideal for professional use and require curing if used on nails.

7. Holographic Nail Sequins

This product comes in 12 boxes, and the glitters are ultra-thin. They are colorful and perfect for art decorations, face, and creative crafting.

Outstanding features:

Changeable color-Unlike most glitters, the nail sequins have colors that change from different angles. The changing effect causes them to produce mind-blowing, unique nail art designs.

Various patterns-These glitters present you with 12 different patterns. These patterns come in different shapes suiting your shape taste. The shapes allow you to play around with glitters and get a unique look.


  • They are versatile
  • Boast changeable colors


  • Do not last for long
  • Not ideal for acrylic nails

Frequently Asked Questions For Holographic Glitter Nail

How do you apply holographic nail glitter?

Answer: The application starts by applying a base coat. Then apply your nail polish, followed by the nail glitters. The last step is the curing step, whereby you use an LED light.

Is nail glitter the same as regular glitter?

Answer: No. The nail glitters are finer than the regular ones.

Can you use real glitter on nails?

Answer: Yes, real glitters can be used on nails. That’s because they are made of a safe material.

What is the best holographic nail powder?

Answer: The pretty Diva unicorn chrome is the best nail powder for holographic nails. That’s because it is made of high-quality ingredients. The quality produces a shiny and unique look.

How does holographic glitter work?

Answer: This one depends on the type of surface. If the surface is smooth, the reflecting colors gradually produce a holo effect. On the other hand, if it’s not smooth, then the result will be scattered.

How do you do holographic nails without gel?


  • Apply a base coat on the nails
  • Apply nail powder
  • Apply base coat again and repeat with nail powder
  • Apply top coat

The results will be fantastic, just as when you could have used them without nails.


This article has highlighted more on holographic nail glitters. The knowledge is meant to help you choose the perfect glitters. As you may have noted, the glitters can be used for various purposes.

Do you have a dull house? Then you are well sorted with the holographic glitters. That’s because you can use them to decorate your home and make it warm and beautiful.

Besides, they can be used to accessorize your mobile phone. Additionally, the glitters can give your hair a shiny touch and make your face attractive. Holographic nail glitters are the best for festivities.

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