The 5 Best Acrylic Toenails in 2021

Have you ever realized that whenever you look good, you also feel good about yourself? Your etiquette, dressing, and grooming have got a very big psychological impact on you.

That’s is why a smart person will always be confident about their looks. Nails are also part of your dressing. Well-manicured nails complement whatever fashion you rock in.

Top-rated 5 Best Acrylic Toenails For 2021

There are many types of nail polishes in the market, and many women mostly get confused about which one to buy.

Within this in-depth article, we are going to look at different acrylic toenails. Also, we are going to look at their benefits and why you should consider buying them.

1. Kiss Everlasting French Toenail Kit

These are the perfect acrylic French tip toenails that will make you confident about basking on the beach during summer. They are versatile and don’t limit your feet on where to step. The package contains 24 nails and comes in 6 packs.

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Outstanding features and benefits

Brand new:  The kiss everlasting French toenail kit is brand new and comes as a completely sealed package. This feature ensures its contents are not compromised and also gives safety assurance.

6 PACK: Everyone Wants something that saves their money. The kiss everlasting French toenail comes in 6 packs. This means that you get to use it for a single purchase. Also, this pack is easy to use at home, and therefore if you can’t go to the salon.


  • Easy to apply
  • Perfect length


  • The glue is not so strong
  • They chip off with pressure

Final verdict

These toenails are good for DIY and are the best acrylic toenail.

2. Sethexy Glossy False Toe Nails

The sexthexy Glossy toenails are the best for an outgoing person. With these nails, you can rock at a wedding, night parties, or even church events. They serve multiple purposes satisfactorily and are ideal for both women and girls.

Outstanding features and benefits

Easy to use: These nails boast a lot of convenience to their buyers. That’s because they are easy to use, trim, and file. They also hold easily on your nail bed.

High-quality: The nails are made with nontoxic formulas and ABS materials. That makes them odorless and ensures the safety of your nails. Another amazing feature about the nails is that they can be reused. They also serve as acrylic toenails for missing nails.


  • Suitable sizes
  • High quality


  • Nail glue irritates
  • The adhesive doesn’t hold for long

Final verdict

These are good acrylic toenails for both at home or salon use.

3. Yizaca Black Heart Fake Toenails

These nails cover your nail bed naturally. They are made of acrylic material and don’t have any dangerous components. Also, they don’t have any smell and are safe for your health.

Outstanding features and benefits

Easy to use and apply: Unlike other acrylic nails for your toes, these do not have liquid glue. They stick on their own once unsealed. One needs to select the toenail that fits their nails and press it on the nail for 15 seconds.

Square Shape: The false toenails are perfect for both DIY or salon. Also, the nails are multipurpose, meaning you can have them for any event. Do you have a girlfriend? Then this is the perfect gift for them. They also have a great acrylic big toenail for big people.


  • Safe for your skin
  • They are reusable


  • Difficult to remove
  • They are costly

Final verdict

The Yizaca Black Heart Fake Toenails are perfect for both salon and home use.

4. Fstrend Toenails

The Fstrend nails are efficient and convenient for both home and salon use. It takes only 30 seconds to apply, thus saving your time. They come in 24 pieces and fully cover your nails.

Outstanding features and benefits

Unique design: Buying something unique is satisfying. These nails are unique and accord your nails a classy and sassy look. They are also multipurpose and naturally fit on any occasion.

Material: Unlike many acrylic nails, False nails are made of a nontoxic formula. This makes them environmentally friendly and safe for your nails. They use the nail sticker, and they last for long.


  • Safe for the skin
  • Multipurpose
  • Comes in many designs
  • Convenient


  • Bad glue
  • Expensive

Final verdict

The nails are easy to use, saves time, and are convenient.

5. Sethexy Acrylic Toe Nails

They are the best acrylic nails for women and girls, fully covering your nails. It is a full set of acrylic toenails.

Outstanding features and benefits

Convenience; The nails are easy to apply, and they hold well. They are also easy to trim and file into your preferred shape and length.

High Quality: The nails are made with a highly safe and nontoxic material. They don’t smell and leave you comfortable. They are reusable.


  • Different sizes
  • Reusable


  • Difficult to remove
  • No glue

Final verdict: Sethexy Acrylic Toe Nails are multipurpose and fit on many occasions.


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Frequently Asked Questions For Acrylic Toenails

Do nail salons do acrylic toenails?

The answer is yes.

How long do acrylic toenails last?

Most acrylic toenails are known to last for about three weeks to one month. This, of course, happens with proper application.

Can acrylic nails cause fungus?

Yes. Acrylic nails can cause fungus. If left for long, they attract moisture, which is good for fungal growth.

How do you get acrylic off your toenail?

For the removal of your toenails, you will need the following;

  • Cotton towels
  • Kitchen foil
  • Nail clippers
  • Scissors and a file.


  1. You then take the foil and cut it into small pieces amounting to ten nails.
  2. Cut the cotton towels into small sizes, amounting to ten pieces.
  3. Place the towels on top of the foils
  4. File a better part of our acrylic nails
  5. Pour some acetone on the cotton towels
  6. Put it over your toe and wrap with the foil
  7. Wait for twenty minutes and take them off
  8. Remove the foil and file of the residual

Can you put acrylic on damaged toenails?

No. That’s because it will cause further damage. The chemicals used in them can damage or weaken your nail bed. Also, acrylics are porous and will allow water to go beneath them. This would cause more fungal growth.

Can Acrylic help ingrown toenails?

Yes. Acrylics can be help ingrown toenails. This is done using a plastic nail and fixing it with adhesive tape. The nails are then placed on top of the nail and shape.

Can you use fake nails on toes?

Acrylics are commonly used for fingernails, but one can choose to use them on the toes. However, they might cause damage to your toes, especially if you wear closed shoes. That’s because they will retain moisture in them.

Can you get a permanent fake toenail?

Yes, you can have a nail reconstruction. This will involve removing your natural nail and replacing it with a fake one.

Will my big toenail grow back if it falls off?

Yes, your big nails can grow after falling off. However, this might take time. You might also need to seek advice on how to enhance growth.

How long does it take for toenails to grow back?

Toenails take time to grow after falling off the nail bed. They normally take 18 months for them to grow back fully. This will also depend on age. Nails for young children tend to grow faster than those of adults.

How do you make your toenails grow fast?

Here are a few things you can do in building a toenail with acrylic:

  1. Great intake of vitamin B to boost your nail growth. The vitamin also strengthens your nails.
  2. Soft nails are more exposed to breakage. It is believed that the use of nail hardeners serves the purpose of strengthening your nails.
  3. Do not use glues and toxic nail polishes
  4. Practice proper nails care. This entails
    • Frequent cleaning of your nails
    • Ensuring your nails are clean and dry. This prevents bacterial growth.
    • Avoid biting your nails to a very short length
    • Always ensure that your hands and toes are moisturized.

How to fix a broken toenail with acrylic

Steps-Take an expansion nil tip and apply glue to it

  1. Attach it to the remaining nail part
  2. Ensure there are no air bubbles, then apply the acrylic on the whole nail.

Apply your favorite nail polish on all ten fingers.


Many people think that toe manicure is not important. That’s because the toenails are mostly hidden, and no one bothers to look at them. Neglecting your toenails might cause infections and long-term damage.

Taking care of your toenails is as important as any other part of your body. One should take time and clean, trim, file, and polish their toenails. In this detailed article, we have discussed acrylic toenails.

We hope the article will help you decide the best way to treat your toenails. It will also help as you shop for those acrylic nails and further guide you in taking proper care of your nails.

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